TGN Terminal

The TGN – Natural Gas Terminal started its activity in 2003 and is run under a private use concession by the company REN Atlântico and today is responsablie for the Natural Gas consumed in Portugal.

It is the main national source for supplying this product and is of great national strategic importance, since it is an alternative to the land gas pipeline.

Endowed with one jetty with beds of 15 metres ZH, it allows the reception of LNG tankers up to 225.000 m3. For the storage of the natural gas received, the terminal has two storage tanks with the capacity for 120.000 m3 each, and a third storage tank with a capacity of 150.000m3, which guarantees a total storage capacity of 390.000m3.

Associated with these tanks, the terminal is equipped with a re-gasification plant which introduces the natural gas into the national high pressure network. There is also a refueller filling plant which enables supply to some areas not yet part of the national gas grid. Before entering the re-gasification plant, the natural gas, discharged from the vessels and stored in the tanks, is at a temperature of -163 ºC.


Regulations & Characteristics

Documents available in Portuguese here.

Main characteristics:
– 1 jetty
– Dephts of -15m/ZH
– Vessels up to 225,000 m3
– Product Handled: Liquefied Natural Gas