Liquid Bulk Terminal

The TGL – Liquid Bulk Terminal, inaugurated in 1978, is the largest liquid bulk terminal in the country, designed according to a multi-client and multi-product architecture. With six jetties and natural beds down to 28 metres ZH, it has the capacity to receive vessels up to 350,000 tonnes Dwt, and allows the simultaneous handling of different products (crude, refined products, liquefied gases and other liquid bulks).

It has a network of pipelines for moving products between the port, the adjoining tanking area and the ZILS – Sines Industrial and Logistics Area where the main industries are located which use the terminal, including the Sines refinery, the petrochemicals and the resins factory.

The TGL is operated by CLT – Companhia Logística de Terminais Marítimos, a company part of the Galp Energia Group, who was awarded the concession of the Public Service and the handling of cargo in the Terminal.

The terminal is equipped with a modern computerized command and control system which allows compliance with the highest safety standards in the operations carried out. It is also associated with waste and ballast water treatment plant which allows compliance with all environmental requirements.

The TGL also has a good capacity for expansion and is able to receive new clients who wish to set up in the tanking area or in the ZILS. This terminal is endowed with a fuelling bunkering facility too, managed by Petrogal which allows the supplying of ships at the TGL through a fixed installation and throughout the port by barge.


Regulations & Characteristics

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Main characteristics:
– 6 jetties
– Depths down to -28m/ZH
– Vessels up to 350.000 dwt
– Main Products Handled: Crudes, Refined products, LPG, Methanol and Chemical Naphtha