Container Terminal

The Sines' Container Terminal, called Terminal XXI, started its operations in 2004 under a public service concession by the company PSA Sines - Terminais de Contentores S.A.

With a staged, sustained development plan, Terminal XXI provides natural depths down to 17 metres ZH, allowing the reception of the last generation container carriers performing intercontinental routes, as well as the concerning feeder.

Presently with a quay length of 940m + 200m and 10 post-panamax and super post-panamax gantry cranes, and also 2 mobile cranes, the terminal offers a yard with 42 ha, and a total capacity of 2.300.000 TEU per year.

With the agreement signed between APS and PSA Sines, this terminal will be the target of an expansion plan that will provide the infrastructure with a quay front of 1,950 meters (currently 1,040 meters), divided into a front of 1,750 meters and another one of 200 meters, allowing the simultaneous docking of four of the latest generation containerships and a feeder ship; the installation of 9 more “super post-panamax” cranes (the total will become 19), 30 park gantries and transport equipment; the expansion of the storage area from the current 42 to 60 hectares; and the increase in capacity from the current 2.3 million to 4.1 M TEU

In what concerns the hinterland, there are good direct connections to the national rail and road network, both integrated on Atlantic Corridor of the Trans European Transport Network. On the other hand, and in order to comply with the growth rates expected for this terminal, an ambitious plan to develop the road-rail access is being implemented, in the scope of the Programe "Ferrovia 2020", aiming to guarantee a correct intermodality for national connections while enhancing the links to Spain, especially to Madrid.

With regard to Foreland, the Port of Sines offers direct containerised cargo connections to the world's main production and consumption markets on a weekly basis. In terms of connectivity, the Port of Sines annually records traffic with around 80 countries and approximately 200 ports around the world.

Main characteristics:
- Quay Length: 946m + 200m
- Depths down to -17m/ZH
- Handling capacity: 2.300.000 TEU
- Container handling: 10 Post-Panamax and Super Post-Panamax gantry cranes + 2 mobile cranes

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