Comprised within the Sines’ Industrial and Logistic Zone, ZALSINES is a modern logistic platform, with high strategic value for value added services.

It is located on a vast area especially endowed for logistic purposes, allowing the possibility to be developed in a flexible and phased way. Designed for the settlement of industrial and services’ providers companies, it is served by a high capacity road and rail system, being integrated into one of the main multimodal axis of the Trans European Transport Network.

ZALSINES comprehends two areas: the Intra-port zone, managed by APS,SA; and the Extra-port zone, under the responsibility of Aicep Global Parques.

The Intra-port Zone offers 30ha, 12,3ha of which dully infrastructured, offering road links to the main national routes. It is also served by an electrified railway. Logistic Support Facilities are also available, with a series of offices to be occupied by companies who need to settle their activity inside the port.

The Extra-port Zone is contiguously located to the Port of Sines, offering a total area of 215ha inside the ZILS – Sines Industrial and Logistic Zone.