The heliport is located on the western zone of the APS’ jurisdiction area, on a public domain plot, with access from Rua da Floresta.

Geographical coordinates - WGS84
Latitude : 37 º 57 ' 19 " N
Longitude : 008 º 52 ' 45 " W

The heliport is equipped with FATO - Final Approach and Touch - and parking zone, surrounded by grassed and paved areas.

FATO Features
Circular platform, concrete, with a 18,7 meters radius, thus obtaining a FATO area with 28 meters in diameter and a safety zone of 4,7 meters wide; provides daytime visual signaling constituted by six white stripes with one meter wide, located within the FATO and an H with 7,5 meters high and 4 meters wide, centered on the FATO, oriented at 065° and night visual signaling constituted by seventeen embayed lamps, with 35 mm protuberance, settled on the limits of the FATO and nineteen white light projectors, located at the outer limit of the safety zone.

Characteristics of the parking signalling
Square platform in concrete, with 19,3 meters on the side.

Approaching surfaces
The approaching surfaces were defined in accordance with the requests on Table 4.1. (Non-instrument (visua) FATO - night) Volume II of Annex 14 to the International Convention on Civil Aviation, using as a project helicopter the SA 330 PUMA.
The approach sector is defined by the true course of 064º.

The heliport is approved to carry out the following activities:

a) At day and under VFR conditions
• Medical Emergency by Helicopter (EMH)
• Operations supporting firefighting
• Operations supporting Civil Protection
• Civil air traffic, excluding air transport

b) At night under VFR conditions
• Medical Emergency by Helicopter (EMH)
• Operations supporting Civil Protection

Working days 09:00 at 17:00 
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Permanent - Safety Central 
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