Surrounded by rich cultural cities, whose history goes back to the first millennium B.C., Portimão is located at only 16km away from Silves, a city full of ruins and medieval tradition.

The Castle of Silves, with more than a thousand years, is one of the most important military architecture inheritance left by the Arabs. Among the various points of interest of this fortification, there is a bronze sculpture nearby the main entrance representing King D. Sancho I, who in 1189 conquered the city of Silves to the Arabs, helped by the Crusaders.

But the region’s cultural richness goes beyond Portimão and Silves; cities like Lagos and Sagres are some of the places whose historical inheritance deserves to be discovered and appreciated.

Deeply influenced by the Age of Discoveries, many of the monuments still breathe the adventurous spirit of the Portuguese. On the western part of Europe, the Sagres’ Fortress rises, built by the Prince D. Henrique during that period. It is the most visited monument in the Algarve, and one of the most visited in the country. From here, where land ends and the ocean begins, Portuguese navigators left to conquer the world.