Connections and Hinterland

The direct hinterland of the Ports of Sines and the Algarve comprises the southern and center part of the country, while occupying a very competitive position in what concerns the Spanish regions of Extremadura and Andalucía, and the whole corridor up to Madrid.

With direct links to the world's leading production and consuming markets, the Port of Sines confers an important competitiveness towards the external market, to the companies installed on its hinterland, thus contributing for the development of national economy.

In what concerns cruise vessels, the Port of Portimão offers a strategic location, between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic routes.

With a strong regional role, the Port of Faro is the natural choice for the Algarve’s companies willing to export their products.


Direct weekly links to the world's leading markets.

The Port of Sines is part of the Trans European Transport Network Atlantic Corridor.