Port of Sines debates the present and future of the energy transition in the maritime sector in Portugal

Wednesday, February 14, 2024
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On February 9, APS - Ports of Sines and the Algarve Authority CEO, José Luís Cacho, was one of the speakers debating Green Shipping/Maritime Challenges at the Port of Leixões' Cruise Terminal, framed in a conference focused on the challenges faced by the maritime sector towards carbon neutrality.

In a panel aiming at discussing the present and future of the maritime sector in Portugal, Mr. Cacho enhanced the challenges of the energy transition process in the Port of Sines, highlighting the important role the digital tools being developed within the scope of the NEXUS Agenda will  play, in the implementation of the port's strategic plan, thus aligning energy and digital transition to the logistic corridors served by the Port of Sines.

In what concerns energy sustainability, the port's strategic plan comprises a series of investments aiming at producing solar, wind and offshore energy within the port area, to comply with the 2023 goal, namely ensuring the production and supplying of a 55% share of green energy in the port, while by 2050 the aim is to guarantee 100%. José Luís Cacho also highlighted the involvement and commitment of the entire port, industrial and logistic community of Sines, in the developing of new fuels' projects, such as green ammonia and green hydrogen; these projects will benefit from the unique characteristics the port has to offer, in what concerns the handling of these specific products.

The venue also hosted the participation of the Secretary of State for the Sea, José Maria Costa, who addressed the main challenges faced by Portugal in the Green Shipping context.

The international conference “Climate Green Shipping Challenges” was promoted by PSO Knowledge & Communication, in partnership with the Secretariat of State and the Sea, and KPMG.