Friday, April 22, 2022
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A delegation of representatives from several Brazilian entities related to the transport sector visited the Port of Sines on April 21. The objectives of this visit were to learn about the port infrastructure and management model, to promote closer relations and discussion of the port sector, and to foster the exchange of experiences and good regulatory practices between the authorities of the two countries. The delegation also intended to learn about the implementation process and the current status of the JUL - Single Window Logistics - in order to identify best practices in information management throughout the logistics chain.

The meeting was promoted by FIBE - Brazil-Europe Integration Forum, and was attended by the Director-General of ANTAQ - National Agency for Waterway Transport, Eduardo Nery, the Director-General of ANTT - National Agency for Land Transport, and the President of CNT - National Confederation of Transport, Vander Costa.

Remember that ANTAQ and the Association of Ports of Portugal (APP) signed last February a Protocol of Intent with the aim of making the necessary efforts to improve the exchange of experiences on the flow of port traffic of the Portuguese Speaking Countries, so the meeting was also used to follow up on the work.