Port of Sines growing in containerized cargo

Monday, November 2, 2020
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The results achieved in the third quarter of 2020 put the Port of Sines back on the growth path with regard to containerized cargo. With a cumulative total of 1.17 million TEU (20-foot containers) from January to September, Sines achieved an increase of 8.3% in relation to the same homologous period.

Regarding the total handling of the port, despite the 3rd quarter showing a growth of 32.7% compared to the previous quarter, the Port of Sines registered a 2.5% decrease in the accumulated handling, allowing, nevertheless, to exceed 30 million tons handled by September.

Dry bulks contributed decisively to this fall, with a reduction of more than two million tons of coal, motivated by the closure of coal-fired power plants within the scope of the energy decarbonization underway in our country. Regarding liquid bulk, handling volumes were maintained in the same period of the previous year (-0.9%), with liquefied natural gas also remaining at the more than 3.1 million tons handled in the period under analysis. On the other hand, the general cargo segment showed a very positive performance, including containerized cargo, which registered an additional 12.1% in terms of tonnage, in reference to the same period of the previous year.

The trajectory presented until the end of September allows us to envisage a year-end with a positive sign, despite the pandemic context in which we live. All economic agents and authorities active in Sines have contributed decisively to placing the Port of Sines on a level of excellence, guaranteeing the normal functioning of the economy and the complete functioning of the logistics chains.