Strategic Options for the Port of Sines 2020-2030

The strategic options for the Port of Sines 2020-2030 are based on three Strategic Axes, whose main objective is to strengthen centrality and connectivity based on a network management or system coordination model, and a firm commitment to sustainability environmental and social, this strategic plan aims to make Sines a Port to the World, bringing the World to Porto while preparing it for an increasingly modern, innovative, digital and efficient future.

Having as strategic goals the capture of Iberian cargo to reach a share of 8% in the total associated with foreign trade, expand the activity of ZILS / ZAL and ensure that the new economic activities contribute more than 40% to the movements of the port, as well as how to achieve leadership in stakeholder satisfaction with regard to the attributes of "internal connectivity", "cost / price" and "hinterland", the Port of Sines sets the bar on excellence, based on a value proposition with a vision for the future.



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