Tuesday, June 29, 2021
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The Port of Sines and Algarve Authority (APS) has signed the Sines Leisure Port Concession Contract with the company "Mermaid Objective" for a period of 10 years, following the public tender that was held.

This concession, effective as of July 1, has as its main object the right to commercially exploit the Sines Leisure Port under a public service regime and implies the transfer to the concession holder of all legal situations currently held by APS related to the activities developed there.

Remember that Sines is the only leisure port on the maritime coast between Setúbal and the Algarve, and therefore a stopping point for boats that travel the Portuguese coast, contributing to the development of tourism in Sines and the entire Costa Vicentina.

Despite the concession, APS will assume, this year, all the commitments foreseen in the application for the Sines Leisure Port to the Blue Flag Program 2021, including environmental education activities. On July 15, between 10 am and 6 pm, under the theme "Ecosystem Recovery", APS and the Lousal Ciência Viva Center (CCVL) will carry out several activities with the aim of raising awareness about sustainability and environmental protection.



Date/time: July 15, 2021 - from 10 am to 6 pm

Location: Sines Port of Fear


I'm still from Time - Using a board game created by CCVL, an activity will be promoted where participants will have to explore various morphological changes associated with geological hazards. This activity is intended to challenge participants to understand different geomorphological changes, making known the reason for these changes and how it can influence the dynamics of the landscape

What happens to me next... This activity draws attention to the erroneous practices of disposing of single-use waste into the environment. It will serve to make participants aware of the use of biodegradable and sustainable products. On the other hand, it alerts to the problems associated with water pollution, eutrophication of ecosystems, environmental protection, environmental awareness and sustainable alternatives

Ecological footprint - The objective of this activity is to raise awareness of the concept of ecological footprint and alert participants to its reduction. During the activity, participants should ask for ways to reduce their Footprint. Tips on how to reduce the ecological footprint will also be discussed.

Oil/Water, but after all! Through a model that simulates an incorrect discharge of cooking oil, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the negative environmental impacts resulting from incorrect practices in the disposal of used oils in our daily lives. They will also get to know the alternatives aimed at recycling and reusing them, promoting the concept of sustainability.

Verdik – Sustainability to conserve. The activity consists of making known the importance of forests for the absorption of CO2 in the atmosphere, for climate regulation, among other essential aspects such as soil erosion and habitat destruction, among others

Algoteca - Workshop on the construction of an algae, in which the aim is to develop interest in the knowledge of the various species of marine flora and dunes on the municipality's beaches, in order to raise awareness of the need to protect these ecosystems and make their usefulness known in the environmental sense