Port of Sines performs pioneer exercise with Natural Gas

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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December 6th marked the first practical real-fire training exercise with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) at the Port of Sines, which involved REN Atlântico, the concessionaire of the specialized terminal where this product is handled, and the Port of Sines Authority (APS).

About 3 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas were ignited during the training in a pool fire obstacle, corresponding to about 1800 cubic meters of natural gas in its gaseous form, which allowed the training of feather containment and dispersion techniques, vaporization control and fire extinguishing.

The project of establishing a specific training park for this product has being developed between the port authority and the concessionaire, with the purpose of training the first responders of both entities for events involving LNG spills and inflammation, culminated in an exercise that was not possible before in the Iberian Peninsula.

It is recalled that at the Port of Sines is located the only natural gas terminal in the country, which currently is responsible for supplying about 90% of the national needs, assumed as a very viable alternative to the land gas pipeline, which connects Algeria to the old continent.

These types of exercises are essential to maintain an adequate level of training of the security and safety teams covered by the Port of Sines Emergency Plan, ensuring a prompt response to any emergency situations.