Executive Director of the European Maritime Safety Agency visited the Port of Sines

Friday, February 8, 2019
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On 8 February, the Port of Sines was visited by the Executive Director of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), Maja Kostelac, with the objective of knowing the operation of this port infrastructure, with particular emphasis on the operation of the JUP – Port Single Window and its integration with customs.

This visit was made in the context of the new European Regulation of the European Maritime Single Window, and the delegation was composed of the Director General of the Tax and Customs Authority, Helena Borges, and the Director General of the DGRM, José Simão, who also coordinates the development work JUL – Logistic Single Window, a national project that will respond to the requirements of the new regulation.

The delegation was received by Fernanda Albino and Duarte Lynce de Faria, members of the APS’ Board of Directors, at a session in which the main factors of competitiveness and the evolution of the Port of Sines in recent years were reported, also highlighting the strong safety and security component and of this port infrastructure. After a detailed presentation of the operation of JUP in Sines, the current state of the JUL project was also demonstrated before the visit to the port facilities.

It is recalled that the European Maritime Safety Agency is one of the EU's decentralized agencies. Headquartered in Lisbon, it provides technical assistance and support to the European Commission and Member States in the development and implementation of EU legislation on maritime safety, pollution from ships and maritime security.