Ambassador of Egypt and Delegation from the Suez Canal Economic Zone visited the Port of Sines

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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A delegation of technicians from the Suez Canal Economic Zone visited the Port of Sines on January 28 and 29, under the scope of the protocol of cooperation between APS - Ports of Sines and the Algarve Authority and SCZone - Suez Canal Economic Zone, signed at last September, during the Portugal Shipping Week. The first day of works was also attended by the Egyptian Ambassador to Portugal, Adel Elalfy, who met with APS' CEO José Luís Cacho.

In order to put into practice what was established in the signed document, this meeting intended to exchange knowledge in the scope of information systems, with particular emphasis on the operation of the one-stop-shop and its connection with the Tax and Customs Authority, a factor considered by the Egyptian delegation as determinant for the success of the electronic platform to clear ship and goods.

The delegation also had the opportunity to visit the Ship Dispatch Center of the Port of Sines and to know in detail the operation of each port terminal, as well as the relationship between the port and ZILS (Sines' Industrial and Logistics Zone).

In pursuit of the objectives that led to the signing of the protocol, the two entities recognize the mutual interest in establishing a partnership and cooperation relationship for mutual economic development, both in increasing business opportunities and volumes for the Port of Sines, as well as in the increased traffic across the Suez Canal.