Port of Sines presents new model for delivery and collection of container by truck

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
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On December 4, APS and PSA Sines organized a session to present the new model for delivery and collection of goods, by road, at the Container Terminal of the Port of Sines, in an event that was attended by about 50 representatives of several road transport companies. 

This model includes the planning of the accesses to the terminal, in particular with regard to signalling and the creation of waiting areas for heavy vehicles, as well as the improvement of the identity control process and confirmation of the drivers' access authorization. 

The implementation of this new model, in early 2019, will allow to reduce the operating times, allowing a greater efficiency in the allocation and use of resources of the terminal and the transport companies. 

Inputs from the various stakeholders present will contribute to the implementation of a first pilot project involving some road transport companies, the terminal concessionaire and the relevant authorities. In a subsequent phase the model could be extended to other carriers and port facilities. 

This project will contribute to the improvement of the competitive conditions of the Port of Sines, aiming at the improvement of the service provided to the clients of this port infrastructure.