Port of Sines performs security drill

Friday, November 30, 2018
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On November 30, a security drill was held at the Port of Sines, whose objective was to train the articulation and communication between various authorities and economic agents that operate in this port infrastructure.

The simulated scenario involved the occurrence of a fire on board of a container ship with serious injuries, with the aim of verifying and testing the effectiveness of the Port of Sines Emergency Plan and the internal emergency plans of PSA Sines and Svitzer. With this simulacrum the established procedures were checked, the equipment were tested, the suitability of the means available and the response and coordination of the various entities in terms of reaction, speed and effectiveness.

Directly involved were the Port Authority (APS), the Maritime Authority, the Maritime Police, PSA Sines, Svitzer and the Sines Volunteer Fire department. The event had also the participation as "observer" representatives from the DGRM, Border Authority, Health Authority, the Municipal Service of Civil Protection, Portsines and REN Atlântico.

The Port of Sines impute extreme importance to security issues, and we believe that this type of drill grants that whole Port Community is prepared to act in real situations.