Port of Sines integrates SWORDFISH 18

Monday, June 25, 2018
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From 18 to 28 June, the Portuguese Navy is carrying out a large naval exercise called SWORDFISH 18, between the ports of Lisbon and Sines area, whose main objective is to test the capacity of response in crisis scenarios.

The integration of commercial vessels in a naval exercise of this kind, and with this complexity, should be understood as a significant added value, since it allows to verify the flow of information between the merchant community and the military entities aiming at the continuous monitoring of the maritime traffic.

A total of nine national vessels, two Spanish vessels, one French vessel, one Italian vessel, one English vessel, national and Spanish divers and marines, as well as aircrafts from the Portuguese and Spanish Air Forces, comprising a total of 2,300 military personnel.

It is planned that the Port of Sines plays a very important role in this exercise, being in constant contact with the Portuguese Navy Shipping Center, making available, in real time, the movements of the commercial ships in port.