Medway links Porto de Sines to Madrid

Thursday, February 9, 2017
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On January 25, the first Container Convoy of Medway, formerly CP Carga, was opened, connecting the Port of Sines and Madrid. Composed of 29 wagons, the train is able to carry 61 TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit or TEU) and has a length of 527 meters.

It was an exceptional trip, organized in five days, with the purpose of taking to Madrid containers of a ship that had omitted the port of Valencia of its route.

Carlos Vasconcelos, President of Medway's Board of Directors, explained that the train is part of an "action strategy that intends to extend the activity to Spain, while joining efforts with the national ports, for a growing expansion of the hinterland in the Iberian
, With the use of rail-based multimodal solutions ". Although it was an exceptional situation, Vasconcelos considers it "a clear demonstration of the responsiveness" of Medway.