The new generation of the Port Single Card starts in the Ports of Sines and Algarve.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
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APS developed a new generation of the CUP (Port Single Card), designated CUP II, which came first operational in the Ports of Algarve – Faro and Portimão, and now at the Port of Sines.


In addition to offering a native multiport solution in a new generation of technology, the CUP II also allows to obtain a better optimization of the authorization procedures to access the international areas of the ports, while providing more information supporting the decision and being optimized to work well on mobile devices. The application usability was also highly developed, becoming more user friendly. The BackOffice component now provides a reserved company area to manage internal applications.


The level of integration with the Port Single Window also improved and expanded, supporting more dispatch and control features, including components regarding Port Single Window and a new crew and passengers electronic form list.


In order to effectively manage the changing on the platform, APS has been promoting training and debriefing sessions with the port community, either in Sines and Algarve, in particular with SEF – Borders Authority, responsible for all the Port Facilities and users in general.


Note that this new generation of the Port Single Card – CUP II will be the one that is expected to be implemented in the Ports of Setúbal and Madeira.