Port of Sines received Macanese delegation

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
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On last September 9, the Port of Sines was visited by a delegation of the Advisory Board for the Reform of Public Administration of Macao region, with the presence of several members of the Macanese society. They were received by Eduardo Bandeira, member of the Board of Directors of APS.

This delegation aimed at knowing the operation of the Systems and Helpdesk Center of the Port of Sines and the different electronic platforms to simplify existing procedures: JUP (Port Single Window), JUL (Logistics Single Window), CUP (Port Single Card) and FUP (Port Single Invoice). The visit was concluded with a passage through the different terminals of the Port of Sines.

This visit was the last stop of a week of intense activity for this entourage, who tried to understand the different simplification procedures that exist in several Portuguese public administrations.