Port of Sines in Talavera de La Reina

Thursday, June 2, 2016
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The APS’ CEO, João Franco visited Talavera de La Reina at the invitation of the Alcalde of the city, Jaime Ramos Torres, and was accompanied by the representatives of MSC-MedLog and PSA Sines.


The visit was framed within the scope of preliminary contacts between the parties, aiming at strengthening of the relationship, due to the development of the future Talavera de La Reina Logistics platform. The visit also comprised several authorities and business associations in the region, including representatives of the Regional Government and from Puertos del Estado, essential for the development of this project.


We must recall that the recent strategic study on the future Talavera Logistics Platform identifies the development potential of this platform´s corridor with the Port of Sines, for import and export handling of goods, in order to enhance the economic relations in the region to the major world markets. The Sines deep water port will thus be able to act as an entry and exit of goods by sea, which will be preferably transported by rail to the logistic platform.