Port of Sines and Algarve Authority (APS) promotes workshop on Information Systems

Monday, April 11, 2016
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The workshop "New Information Systems’ Trends in Transports" took place at APS’Auditorium, and had as its keynote speaker Prof. Tom Zunder, academic at the University of Newcastle and researcher in the field of intermodality.


Prof. Tom Zunder initiated his professional career as production engineer, followed by logistics manager and implementation of information systems in transports.


The venue included also a selection of speakers, professionals from various companies such as IBM, Marlo, Maeil and APS itself, which presented the state of the art of current technological solutions for logistics support, as well as new tendencies in the evolution of information systems and planned development projects.


The collaboration of different players and the use of standards in the development of information systems and process automation as critical success factors and cost reduction was the major overview concluded in the event.