East Timor National Parliament Members received in Sines

Friday, June 24, 2016
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On the 24th of June, the port and industrial complex of Sines received a delegation from the East Timor’s National Parliament.


The delegation comprised a group of East Timorese members, and was received at Petrogal’s Refinery. After the Refinery, the group headed to the Port of Sines, being received by Eduardo Bandeira, Member of the Board of Directors of APS. The key indicators of the Port of Sines were presented during the meeting, highlighting the unique operating conditions offered by the Port, namely the Liquid Bulk Terminal, directly linked to Sines’ Refinery infrastructure.


To recall that the Liquid Bulk Terminal annually handles more than 19 million tons of products, whether raw materials directly sent to the Petrogal’s Refinery, or the ones returned to the terminal as final products. In fact, the Liquid Bulk Terminal and the Sines’ Refinery are the country's main suppliers for Gasoline and Diesel, being also responsible for a major share of national exports.