APS renewed commitment to gender equality

Thursday, January 28, 2016
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The Signing Ceremony of the Accession Agreements and Commitments Renewal, an initiative of the Business Forum for Gender Equality - Our Commitment, was held last January 26.

Promoted by CITE - Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment and by a group of private, public and cooperative organizations, which includes APS, this Forum recognizes the principle of gender equality as a pillar of development and sustainability, that should be included in corporate management strategies. APS was one of 28 companies to renew the commitment to equality, and was represented by José Pedro Soares, Member of the Board of Directors. Another 10 companies have signed this agreement for the first time that aims, in the first instance, to promote and strengthen professional equality ending all discriminatory processes.

As part of its mission and competence, and having in mind the European 2020 strategy and the priorities of the Portuguese State for this theme, the CITE has been developing a project whose main objective is the creation of a business forum that intends to take a collective culture of social responsibility-based management principles that highlights equality between women and men in the workplace, fighting all forms of gender discrimination.