APS presents new Emergency Net for the Port of Sines

Friday, December 9, 2016
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The APS - Port of Sines and Algarve Authority, presented to all the entities involved in the Emergency and Protection Plans of the Port of Sines the new Digital Emergency Net.

It is a new digital communications network, independent of communications operators, operating in the UHF band under high availability and redundant equipment, allowing secure voice communication and sending written messages between all Authorities, Protection Officers and Port Facility Security and other entities involved in these plans.

During the presentation session, José Luis Cacho, President of APS, stated that security and environmental protection are areas of major importance for the new Board of Directors, and that the success of the action, whether preventive or reactive, depends to a large extent of the network of actors involved in the protection and emergency plans. He also said that the new digital communications solution will be an essential tool for the proper functioning of this network.

On the other hand, Duarte Lynce de Faria, APS’ member of the board, highlighted the main improvements planned in the areas of protection and safety, which are already being put into practice and which are based on an integrated approach of APS, other authorities, concessionaires, entities licensees and service providers.

The technical presentation of the network was carried out by Luis Miguel Mourão, responsible for the department of quality, environment and security of the port, which detailed the main features of the new communications solution, as well as the new matrix referencing methodology and location within the jurisdiction area of the Port of Sines.

A new digital radio and a set of grid maps for detailed geo-referencing in the port area were delivered to each entity involved in the Sines Port Emergency and Protection Plans.

It should be noted that the Port of Sines has a handling of more than 60% of dangerous goods and is the only Portuguese port that has a Private Fire Station.