APS celebrates Cooperation Agreement with the Military Academy

Thursday, March 24, 2016
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On March 23, the APS, represented by the Board of Directors, and CINAMIL - Centre for Research, Development and Innovation of the Military Academy, represented by Prof. António Serralheiro, President of the Executive Board, signed a cooperation agreement for the development of RD & I projects in the area of ​​security. The event was attended by the Commander of the Military Academy, TGEN Rodrigues da Costa, and TCOR Francisco Gomes, Sub-director of CIGEOE – Army’s Geospatial Information Center.
Both institutions recognize that there is mutual benefit in this cooperation, by expressing their willingness to work together in identifying and developing initiatives that would result in improved knowledge related to the security aspects.

APS expressed interest to collaborate on research projects in the area of ​​security, framed in RD & I projects coordinated by CINAMIL, aiming, in partnership with the Military Academy, to create a work area for the development of practical and technological applications and methodologies related to the security aspects.