ZALSINES will have a new cold warehouse

Monday, July 27, 2015
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APS signed a surface rights’ contract with FP Sines (FRIOPUERTO™ SINES) for the construction and maintenance of a logistics warehouse in ZALSINES – Logistics Activities Zone of Sines. The objective is to create a controlled temperature infrastructure to encourage the import and export of perishable goods, providing a set of value-added services based on temperature control requirements.

The projected investment is over 2 million EUR in the first phase, involving the construction of a warehouse with 3.100m2, 2 chambers for refrigerated products, manly fresh fruit (0ºC to +18ºC), an operational quay of 750m2 and a total of 8 leveling platforms. In a second phase it is planned to double the facilities’ capacity, also including bi-temperature chambers for frozen products.

FP Sines is a subsidiary 100% owned by Friopuerto Investment (FPI, Spain), holding of Romeo Group for the storage and refrigerated logistics sector. This group operates in 23 countries and has been present in Portugal for more than two decades, with interests linked to shipping agencies, freight forwarders and custom services.

The offer of regular direct services to all continents, associated with high levels of Port productivity and the existence of available space, make the Port of Sines a strategic location for the installation of logistics companies operating in the global market.