“World day for the Awareness for Corrosion” celebrated at the APS Auditorium

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
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The 3rd Meeting of the World day for the Awareness for Corrosion, under the responsibility of Technical Division of Corrosion and Materials Protection – DTCPM, of the Portuguese Society for Materials - SPM, was held on 24th of April, in the APS Auditorium in Sines, under the theme “Durability in Port and Industrial Environments”.

The event was hosted by João Franco, APS’ CEO, and was supported by the Ports of Sines and the Algarve Authority, and the College of Materials Engineering of the Engineers’ Order.

The 3rd meeting of the DTCPM intended to create an opportunity to share experiences and technical knowledge between the various stakeholders interested in the subject of durability of Port and Industrial infrastructures, aiming at contributing for the development of the Portuguese economy in a sustainable manner.