Sines' Leisure Port and Vasco da Gama Beach renew the Blue Flag

Monday, May 18, 2015
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The high environmental standards of the Port of Sines were once again recognized by the renewal of the Blue Flag in the Vasco da Gama beach and the Port of Sines’ Leisure Port. This prize is awarded every year, attesting the environment quality of the beaches and marinas that comply with a series of environmental criteria, of safety and comfort of the users, as well as information and environmental awareness.

Within the scope of the Programa Bandeira Azul da Europa 2015 (Europe Blue Flag Program 2015), under the theme “Fazer da Mudança a nossa Praia” (Making Change our Beach), APS will promote various environmental and recreational activities addressed to the whole community:

  • Activity “Conhecer para Mudar” (Know to Change), which is an exhibition of underwater archaeological remains of the Alentejo Coast, available at the Sines Leisure Port during the bathing season, developed in partnership with Ecoalga;

  • Activity “Mergulhar no Futuro”( Dive into the Future), to take place in the 22nd of July at the Sines Leisure Port, in partnership with Ecoalga and Cersiago, which consists in a recreational diving baptism, for young people with disabilities;

  • Activity “Lixoteca sobre rodas”(Lixoteca under Wheels), to take place in the 5th of June near the Vasco da Gama Beach, in partnership with the city hall of Sines, which aims to raise awareness of the younger populations, for the problems related with the Política dos Resíduos Sólidos Urbanos (Urban Solid Waste Policy);

  • Activity “Muda de Atitude” (Change your Attitude), taking place in the first half of July, at the Vasco da Gama beach, in partnership with the city hall of Sines. The activity consists in the distribution of Eco bags to the bathers, aiming to raise awareness of the adoption of more sustainable practices and environmentally friendly.

  • Activity “Um Olhar sobre as Espécies Marinhas” (A Look at the Maritime Species), an exhibition on the biology and ecology of the rocky coastline in Alentejo, available from August 4 to September 30 at the Sines Leisure Port, in partnership with municipality of Sines and the CIEMAR.