Portuguese Ports Association gathered in the Port of Portimão

Thursday, April 30, 2015
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The Port of Portimão has recently welcomed two meetings of APP - Portuguese Ports Association, the first of the Working Group on IT Systems and the second for the 43rd General Assembly of the Association.

The Working Group on IT Systems met on the 29th of April, in Portimão, for further work under the project ANNA, which seeks to implement the directive EU 65/2010, as well as to prepare the LSW – Logistic Single Window project. The meeting aimed at creating synergies in the investments on this area and on the preparing of a harmonized port management systems development along the supply chain, in all the Ports of the continent and Islands. This Working Group is coordinated by José Pedro Soares, Member of the Board of the Ports of Sines and the Algarve Authority.

On the following day, April 30, the 43rd General Assembly of APP took place in Portimão, under the Chairmanship of Vitor Caldeirinha. Besides several internal management affairs of the association, the agenda also aimed at continuing with a series of issues of common interest for the development and modernization of the National Port System.