Port of Sines receives the Minister for National Policies of Nicaragua

Monday, November 23, 2015
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The Minister for National Policies of Nicaragua, Paulo Quist Kelly, visited the Port of Sines on November 19, accompanied by the Ambassadress of the Republic of Nicaragua to Portugal, Ruth Tapia Roa.

During the meeting, João Franco, APS CEO, presented the main competitiveness factors of the port, enhancing its geo-strategic location, making it an excellent point of entry in Europe, along with its terminals,  prepared to receive and operate all types of vessels.

The visit of the Minister for National Policies of Nicaragua to Portugal took place under the Nicaragua’s day organized by IPDAL - Institute for the Promotion and Development of Latin America, in which João Franco participated, and where Paulo Quist Kelly held a conference about the construction and operation of the Grand Interoceanic Nicaragua Canal that will give access to the largest ships in the sector, a segment primordially received in the Port of Sines.