APS, Municipality of Sines and aicep Global Parques celebrate cooperation agreement

Monday, December 28, 2015
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The Municipality of Sines, aicep Global Paques and the Ports of Sines and Algarve Authority (APS) sign a cooperation agreement with a joint view on the promotion of Economic Area of Sines (EES).

Aware of the importance of Sines in the national economy as a result of its location and the existing infrastructure, as well as its advantages for locating structural investment projects, the Municipality of Sines, aicep Global Parques and APS and decided to join forces.

It was signed on 22 December in the Municipality of Sines, a cooperation agreement between the three institutions laying down the principles for the joint promotion of Economic Area of Sines, through concerted actions of institutional and commercial nature.

The Mayor of Sines, Nuno Mascarenhas, emphasized that "this protocol is critical to the future of our county. The promotion of Sines has to be done jointly and this is another step towards working together to attract investment to this area, either from the aicep, the APS or the Municipality of Sines, bearing in mind each the respective areas, with a specialization very well defined. We are three in line, clearly showing that the future can be better and, therefore, these three entities will work together."

Francisco Mendes Palma, Chief Executive Officer of Global aicep Parques, said that "this territory and this set of infrastructure have all the advantage of being promoted as a whole. Not only the question of better utilization and economy of resources, but mostly to be show together in order to give the potential investor the assurance that he will find an essential thing: an easier life - fulfilling all the rules you have to comply of course - which will cause your investment to be achieved and takes effect quickly. "

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ports of Sines and Algarve, João Franco, said that "this measure is to articulate our interventions in order to promote the Economic Area of Sines in Portugal and abroad, through participation in fairs, debates and seminars, which take us to inform of what is the activity of these entities, rather than each one promoting the area of Sines by itself. We have a higher goal than the goal of each of us, and with it, you gain more ability to intervene in a larger market with lower costs."