APS modernizes presence on the Internet

Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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The Ports of Sines and the Algarve Authority developed a new website, based on the new corporate image and the new management reality, comprising the three ports - Sines, Faro and Portimão.

Within this scope, the new Website is structured in four major areas, namely institutional and essential information on the company, complemented by individualized information on each of the ports under its responsibility, through specialized pages per port, with a more operational and commercial nature.

This new web presence is more oriented to the client and it presents a more functional and interactive design/conception, always aiming to provide better service to the end user. The contents were improved and graphically enriched being now available for all access devices, including smartphones and tablets, since the pages provide automatic adjustment according to the size of the access device screen.

The new Website was thought for the professional users of the three ports, providing tools and contents on ships and trains, including timetables, tariffs, technical guides and operational characteristics and safety.

It is developed in an “open source” technology, characterized by a great flexibility of implementation and provision of the best usability practices as well as the operating strength.

We suggest you to take a look at the new site and send your improvement suggestions to the email comunicacao@apsinesalgarve.pt.