APS installs X-ray scanner at the Port of Portimão

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
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As part of the improvement plan concerning operating conditions and security of the commercial ports of Faro and Portimão, APS acquired for the Commercial and Tourism Quay of Portimão a set of equipment for non-intrusive inspection of passengers and crew baggage to embark/disembark, as well as metal detection equipment.

In this manner, the devices installed in the Portimão terminal comprise a device for X-ray baggage inspection, two gateways for metal detection as well as two portable metal detectors. Training actions will also be undertaken for the operators of this equipment, to ensure its proper use.

This strengthening of security conditions in the Port of Portimão entailed an investment of approximately € 67.000 and was co-financed by the Operational Program Algarve 21, a program that aims to affirm the Algarve as a dynamic, competitive and solidary region.