Along its history, APS has always used medium and long term strategic management tools, aiming to act as guiding lines for the company’s activity and investments’ plan, based on key issues such as efficiency, rationality and competitiveness, whether within the scope of the company’s relationship towards the environment it is settled, or in what concerns the internal processes and management model to follow.


The last Strategic Plan aimed at positioning the Port of Sines among the most important ports in Europe, while enhancing its role as the region’s driving force, and based on five strategic objectives:

1. Consolidation of the Management system as a Landlord Port

2. Increment of 102% on the volumes of cargo handling, up to 2015

3. Reinforcement of the Port of Sines role as a driving force for regional and national  economic activity

4. Development of the port Info-structure

5. Enhancement of port and maritime safety


The commitment of both the Port Authority and the Port Community in the fulfilment of these goals allowed the achievement of very positive results, as stated on the following chart:


APS is presently working on the defining of a new economic and integrated vision of the three ports managed by the company, based on a solid comprehension of nowadays’ dynamics in the evolution of the port and maritime sector, while paying special attention to the land sort management, intermodality and management of the resources available, resulting in new strategic challenges.